Los Angeles Bridge Lenders

Hard Money Bridge Lenders (HMBL) is a direct bridge lenders who can finance your real estate projects quickly in Los Angeles. If you are looking to start or expand your real estate portfolio, we have the financing you need. Our bridge lending programs take anywhere from 3-5 business days to close and rates start as low as 7%, which gives you the advantage to compete with cash offers.

With 30+ years of experience in closing difficult and complex deals, we have everything you need to finance your existing project or buy a new one with the most competitive rates. From the first call to close, we are here for you every step of the way. Our firm specializes in Bridge lending secured by real property. As a direct lender, we are able to fund own deals faster than big banks and any other conventional financial institution. This gives you a distinct advantage in being to close on deals in record speed.

What is a Bridge Lender ?

A bridge lender provides a financial solution for people who are in need of quick funds to purchase or refinance a property.  Bridge lender rates are higher than conventional loans, however loan qualification is much easier and faster. So why choose a private hard money bridge lender and not the traditional banks when rates are higher?

Because traditional banks take months to lend and often deny applicants, even after a preapproval. They also require substantial documentation of your income, tax return, credit history and much more. We are Bridge lender than can approve your lending application in less than 24 hours and funding will take as little as three days. While banks place importance on documentation, we place great importance on your equity. 

Oftentimes, your income and tax return documents do not matter to us. We simply only need your basic loan application, rental income documents, and require that you have at least 20% equity on refinances or put 20% down towards a purchase .No other financial institutions or banks can beat us in terms of creative financing services that we provide to our customers at such low rates and with minimal fees.

Why HMBL as Los Angeles Bridge Lenders

As a bridge lender, we can provide you the best financial solution in instances where getting a loan fast is of great importance or when a borrower cannot qualify for traditional financing. Our bridge lending services assist borrowers when buying a new property does not align with the time of selling their current property. We provide a financial bridge and fund loans so that property owners have the capital to buy a new property, while waiting for their current property to sell.

We offer bridge lending services to our customers in two ways:

With our Bridge lending services, you do not need to wait to sell your existing property to purchase a new one. We provide you with the fastest possible funding so that no one can beat you to the punch in buying the profitable investment property that you have your eyes on due to lack of money.


We offer our Bridge lending services on the following kind of property:

Over the years we have processed hundreds of millions of dollars through our lending programs which have been designed for developers, buyers, real estate investors, and refinancing to our existing borrowers. With a record of fast approvals and funding, competitive rates and reliable service, we have established ourselves as a very responsive and efficient hard money Bridge lender in Los Angeles.

Send us your lending scenario and see how fast our team will work for you.

When you work with us as your Bridge lender, we can approve your lending application in less than 24 hours and can transfer funds to you in less than a week. This proves invaluable. We pride ourselves as serving as a partner to our investors goals of buying and selling more property, and with us investors have the capital needed to expand their portfolio. No longer does your income and tax return documents prevent you from expanding. We can do this because we are not burdened by difficult lending guidelines that other banks and lenders have and we do not use one’s income, rather we use the equity in the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What lending services do you specialize in?

We specialize in bridge lending services. Our bridge loan services get borrowers approved for credit within 24 hours and funding within 3 days. We offer refinancing for properties that you currently own and provide financing for new investment property purchases.

What type of property do you lend on?

We lend on commercial, industrial, residential, and industrial properties. The main criteria for loan approval on all property types is that a borrower have at least 20% equity for refinances or put down at least 20% down towards a purchase.

Does a bridge lending from your firm require a down payment?

When you purchase a property using a bridge lender, you must put 20% or more of a down payment to secure the financing. While we do not need detailed income documents and other paperwork, we do require a down payment, so as to minimize our risk and make sure the borrower has enough vested interest.

In the case of refinancing, we do not require any down payment to secure funds. The only thing we require is an appraisal in instances the borrowers down payment amount is low or the equity is minimal.

Are you a direct lender or do you just broker to investors?

We are a direct lender. This means we control the approval process from the beginning to the end. This allows us to fund more deals in a shorter period of time with lower interest rates. For you this means a higher chance of winning a bid towards a purchase over competing offers whose financing would take longer.

Do I have to pre-qualify for every lending?

Yes, you have to pre-qualify. The pre-qualification process takes 24-48 hours and involves sending us a basic loan application and informing us the specifics of your loan request, such as loan purpose, exit strategy, and your goals.

Does a bridge loan from your firm require a down payment?

No, it does not require any down payment. Only the equity in the borrower’s existing property matters.